From "imagination"
to "creation".

Imagination is the key to building the future.

Bringing the world original products
that go beyond customer expectations.

Fuji Engineering Co., Ltd. makes a diverse array of custom production machinery essential for the production floor.
In our machinery production operations, we place great emphasis on making products that provide greater than expected benefits.
Our role is to provide products that not only satisfy customers needs but that also lead to resolving the issues they face.
As a professional in Japanese-style manufacturing, our mission is to bring the world original products that go beyond customer expectations. 

An integrated manufacturing system handling design,
processing, assembly, and installation.

As a one-stop manufacturer of machinery, Fuji Engineering creates original products that satisfy customer needs through collaboration
among specialized personnel in each production process.

When designing products, we keep in mind how they will actually be used and develop high-value-added production machinery that will resolve customers' issues.

We leverage new equipment as well as the skills and knowledge we have accumulated over the years to achieve extremely high-precision, high-quality processing. 

Using 3D measuring instruments and other equipment to meet strict quality standards, we then assemble products at our own plants.

Cutting-edge equipment and persistent skill improvement
help us provide one-of-a-kind manufacturing services.

It's impossible to provide customers with advanced machinery using old production equipment. That's why Fuji Engineering is always deploying cutting-edge equipment. Our deployment of some of the top equipment in Japan, including large 5-axis 5-face double column machining centers, and commitment to ongoing skill improvement allows us to provide one-of-a-kind manufacturing services.