Machinery Assembly

Dedicated quality management underpins successful machinery assembly

In order to provide products in flawless condition, we practice thorough quality management right up until products are shipped. This includes conducting rigorous checks both during and after machinery assembly. 

Elements essential to good machinery assembly

One of Fuji Engineering's strengths is being able to provide high quality products all on our own. To do this, it is important to read assembly diagrams accurately prior to production. Not being able to read design details makes it impossible to conceive of how a product will be used and leads to disconnects in production later on. Our production personnel begin assembly work only after receiving explanations about—and fully understanding—the functions of that product and how the target machine will operate. 

And by using 3D testing techniques at the design stage, we prevent design errors to the maximum extent possible. For example, it can sometimes happen that multiple parts, when assembled, can result in a product that exceeds design dimensions, even when the tolerance of all constituent parts is within acceptravels limits. To prevent such situations, we use 3D measuring instruments and other tools to ensure assembly quality and pay attention to doing precision work at every process. This is how we build high precision products. 

Only products that pass rigorous testing get shipped to customers

Assembling processed products requires the same precision needed at the design stage. These assembly operations are performed at our Jojima Plant. At this facility, we use surface plates to ensure surfaces are level, allowing us to achieve high quality that makes no compromise for even minor deviations. The parts processed using our high precision processing technologies go through assembly and become end products.

All products we assemble go through Fuji Engineering's exacting quality checks. We then put products through trial runs and simulations to determine whether their functioning, speed, assembly precision, and other aspects are as designed. Only after passing these tests do we consider them to have truly passed quality testing. We finally pack our products with care and promptly ship them off.