Design & Development

Product design and development in close coordination with the customer. 

Our product design and development division is a key starting point for resolving the issues our customers face. Along with ensuring our products satisfy customer needs, we aim to ensure customer happiness making "achievements beyond expectations." To this end, we begin product development by first looking at machinery characteristics such as mechanisms and electric control to develop a picture of all the ways products are used. We work hard to achieve what our competitors cannot and create products the world has never seen. 

Single product development for special order products

Every Fuji Engineering product is custom-made. Every product is made one-of-a-kind in close coordination with each customer. After listening carefully to the problems our customers want to solve or the performance they need, we set about building products that truly satisfy, taking into account things such as maintainability and running costs. 

We have no intention of providing products that simply meet customer expectations. We propose solutions that go beyond customer expectations while pursuing products that offer value beyond their price points. That our sights are set so high is because of our desire to satisfy customers by providing ever better products. We will continue pursuing quality product development with the belief that our manufacturing services will benefit customers and society.

Original equipment and machinery production

Fuji Engineering has a one stop production system that allows us to handle all stages of production in-house, which includes design, processing, assembly, and installation. We have a large 5-axis 5-face double column machining center and intelligent multitasking machines that enable ultrafast and ultra precise processing. By making full use of such equipment, as well as the knowledge and expertise accumulated at a spacious 15,500 m² plant and other production site, we offer customers one-of-a-kind value.

And while it is important to use cutting-edge equipment, it is also vital to have the imagination to see how products will be used once made.
We first go to our customers' places of work and exhaustively identify all scenarios within which our products might be used. After eliminating customer concerns, we create products that provide maximal benefits by considering issues such as costs and usability.