Kurume was selected as a shining manufacturing company.

Kurume We were selected as a shining manufacturing company, and participated in the Kurume Manufacturing Symposium to commemorate the issue of the "Manufacturing Company Case Studies" in Kurume City.

Commemorative issue of Kurume City "Manufacturing Case Studies" issue Kurume Manufacturing Symposium

There are many companies with excellent strengths and features in Kurume City.Currently, in cooperation with related organizations, we are creating a “manufacturing company casebook” that collects cases of companies with such shining wisdom and skills. You.

In commemoration of the issuance, we will hold the "Kurume Monozukuri Dissemination Symposium" for the purpose of disseminating "manufacturing clusters and Kurume" to the outside of the city and promoting mutual exchange between companies.

You will get to know the wonderful manufacturing companies in Kurume-shi and it will be a great opportunity to interact, so please join us.


It was selected as a regional future traction company.

(Extracted from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry HP)

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will immediately provide the following support from today as follows, so that the "Regional Futurally Driving Company" further develops the business and becomes active as the core of growth of the regional economy. We will establish a Regional Future Investment Promotion Office at the Regional Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, including the Kyushu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, we will arrange the "Regional Future Concierge" for each prefecture, we will respond to consultations and inquiries from


Fukuoka Prefecture in Japan 「Manufacturing,story,100」 You can see a carefully selected video from company profile

Fiscal Year 2017「Manufacturing,story,100」 Fuji Seisakusho Co., Ltd. was carefully selected as an attractive small and medium-sized enterprise


Introduced high-performance vertical machining center

"Makino V77" was introduced


I participated in the Kurume Steel Cooperative Association Bowling Competition

We participated in the Kurume Iron and Steel Association Bowling Competition

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