Precision Part Processing & Dies

Pursuing top quality

Creating the kinds of products our customers need requires using high-quality production equipment. By extension, the precision products used to make production equipment must also be of unimpeachable quality. We are held in high esteem both by customers in Japan and abroad for the precision products and various dies that Fuji Engineering personnel create by using high-performance machines and by drawing on deep expertise and knowledge. 

The crowning achievements of Fuji Engineering technologies:
ultra precision processing and die production

Fuji Engineering's ultra precision processing and die production technologies have come about over the years through our persistent efforts to satisfy increasingly sophisticated product needs. When it comes to ultra precision processing, nothing is more important than accuracy. By eliminating tolerances to the utmost limit, we are able to make high-quality products with unerring accuracy. We are confident that the parts and die products created using this ultra precision processing will benefit our customers.

Attaining the ultimate in technological achievement is no easy task. When processing metal, materials can become warped in ways that cannot be predicted at the design stage. To come up with the best possible solutions, we make a comprehensive accounting of this and many other problems that production sites face, among them processing time and the service life of edged tools. It is through tireless efforts such as these that products only achievable by Fuji Engineering come to fruition, and we will continue to develop one-of-a-kind technologies that will satisfy customers the world over.

A relentless pursuit of high precision and high quality

The three core principles our production staff adhere to are "follow the diagram," "respect the basics and do a job right," and "put heart and soul into your work." The quality policy slogan that encompasses these three principles is "elevate the work you do and make machinery that garners respect." This slogan captures the very spirit of Japanese-style manufacturing and guides our every production operation. 

To satisfy our customers' increasingly sophisticated product needs, we deploy new equipment while at the same time working to hone the skills of the people who operate them. Dealing with things like thermal expansion and residual stress when processing metals is precisely where we have a chance to shine. Although we've tangled with countless adversities along the way, we have succeeded with a great many endeavors through concerted efforts by all Fuji Engineering employees. Drawing on our engineering spirit, we will continue to pursue greater technical expertise while creating new value.