Fuji Engineering's Strengths

Making contributions beyond customer expectations.

Fuji Engineering Co., Ltd. uses an integrated production system to design a variety of machine dies. Providing ever better production equipment leads to ever better production environments. These ever better production environments then, in turn, make society more prosperous. To make a difference for our customers and society, Fuji Engineering will continue to make products that go beyond expectations.

Serving as a one-stop center for all production processes,
including design, processing, and assembly

What sets Fuji Engineering apart is our one-stop production service system, which lets us handle—in-house—every process needed to make a product. Personnel across every production process share information amongst themselves and utilize feedback from production sites to constantly improve their knowledge and skills.
We are fortunate to be held in high esteem by customers both in Japan and overseas, and by competing through the excellence of our skills, we continue to grow as a Japanese manufacturing company. 

Ever-improving skills, ever-growing trust

Every product we create is unique. This is because each customer needs production machinery for different purposes. Taking the time to gather information from our customers and then create the products they need makes us a truly solutions-oriented business.
As a company with a large number of repeat customers, Fuji Engineering places a focus on providing increasingly high value-added products to meet their needs. We constantly strive to improve our skills, research and technologies, and improve ourselves. We are proud that it is precisely the pride we have in ourselves as a group of manufacturing professionals that has resulted in the trust we now enjoy from our customers.

Creating things the world has never seen

Our highest mission as a manufacturing company is to "create things the world has never seen." It's not uncommon that a customer will ask us to achieve something a competitor couldn't. We are eager to accept these challenges, seeing them as opportunities to show off our abilities.
Making things people wish existed is the quintessence of manufacturing. This is at the core of the Fuji Engineering spirit, a desire to satisfy customers by providing ever better products.

A production environment that enables Fuji Engineering's strengths

Our production environment is another aspect that makes us special. Our plants are constantly deploying state-of-the-art equipment, an example of which is our large 5-axis 5-face double column machining centers. There are only a few such machines in Japan, and only a few dozen in the entire world. As a company that believes there is no "end zone" for manufacturing, we deploy at least one piece of state-of-the-art equipment every year. Through periodic capital investments, we strive to hone the skills of our employees and thereby raise the quality bar even higher. To bring the world new value, we achieve manufacturing that takes full advantage of our equipment and the skills of our employees. 

A company where people greet each other warmly
and where everyone shines

At Fuji Engineering, it is very important that people connect with and show consideration for one another. We aim to be a company where everyone involved with us, whether that be customers, employees, or contractors, show respect to one another and are thankful for being able to work together. Everything begins and ends with gratitude. With an emphasis on cheerful greeting and courtesy, each and every Fuji Engineering employee will strive to build better relationships with ever more customers.